Sunday, August 31, 2008

Much needed update.

It has been a while since I posted. The Baker household never seems to slow down. The kids have been in school six weeks now and fall break is approaching for us. We are on the count down because we will be visiting Disneyland during break. We can not wait to visit the happiest place on earth. We try to visit once a year. I can never get enough of it. After the kids had been in school for a couple of weeks I decided to go back to work and see if I could do something useful with my time. I am working for the Coolidge school district as the health clerk. I cover 4 different schools every week and take care of all paperwork for the nurse's. It definitely was a change at our household to have me have a real 8-5 job. I am used to working but setting my own hours not having someone else set them for me. Hopefully business will pick up and I can go back to helping out in the office. I enjoyed that the most, but since the market is slow I needed to do something productive with my free time. The kids are doing great in school. Tre' is playing for the school baseball team for the 6th graders and is doing well. He and another kid happen to be the only two that have ever played baseball so it has been tough to watch but he is being a great leader and helping the other players learn. Tucker and Tatum have been doing hip-hop dance. I can not wait until they actually learn something. They are still doing the basics, when they finally put something together maybe they won't look so crazy at home. Jared is still working away with Allstate and working hard on our property management co. we are doing. Fall ball will be starting up for him so things are going to start getting a little more hectic splitting our time between all the activites, but I do know that we would not know how to function otherwise. I finally got my life license so I can write life insurance now and Jared and I are working on our securities licenses. I started working with a financial company on the side and am amazed at what we have to offer to help families become financially independent. I am excited more and more everytime I learn more about it. Jared and I went to Palm Springs for a buisness meeting for my fianancial company. The resort was so nice. I want to vacation like this more often.

Needless to say we had to return to the real world and back to the grind. And our crazy kids.

Tatum and Tucker were playing today in Tatum's room and look at the outcome.

Jared went to the diamondback game on Saturday and it was give away day. They gave out Eric Burns, D-back hats. Tucker decided he needed to try it on for size.

That will have to do it for this post. I keep having to redo it because it keeps disappearing.