Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday

Before Shopping

Well, I did it. I got up this morning yet again for another year of after Thanksgiving shopping. I really was not in the mood to do it this year. But I figured if I wanted to save some money I probably should. My first stop was Wal-Mart and they were all out of what I needed. I looked around and thought, "I am going to just go home there are too many people". But needless to say I did not. Next I headed to Sears and they only had one thing I was looking for. Then I headed to Target. I was able to pick up what I need there except for one thing. My oldest would like the new Guitar Hero World Tour game but they were all out, so I decided he really does not need it anyway. We already have one Guitar Hero. The line to check out wrapped around the whole store. I think I waited about 20-30 min. not too bad it seemed to go fast, the crazy things we do to save money. Then off to Old Navy. On my way I new I would be passing another Wal-Mart so I decided to stop and give it one more try to see if they had what I needed. And YES they did, except I forgto a couple things so I guess that means they were not really important and did not need them anyway. Then off to Old Navy again. I was looking for some fleece jackets. Last year I was able to pick some nice ones up, you think I could do it again this year. Not so much. I found a few but not what I was really looking for and they were more than what I wanted to pay but needed them so got them anyway. Then off to Big 5. Found three things I needed there but I had to head to another Big 5 because I needed two of something and the first one only had one. Once there I was off to Fiesta Mall and Sears again. Yeah, I found what I did not find at the first Sears. Picked up a couple of extra things and wished that finished me up but I am just not sure what to get my oldest this year. He does not need a whole lot and I am tired of buying things that only get used for a few weeks then tossed aside. I think that he may just find some money under the tree and he can go buy himself some clothes. For those of you that are crazy enough as I am to brave the crazy crowds I hope you were just as successesful as I was. Now I just have to talk myself into putting up my tree and lights. I am quite the Scrooge this year. I just can not seem to get in the spirit. Hope that will change soon. Christmas has always been my favorite holiday because I get to spend it with my family. Hope the spirit bug bites me soon because I need it this year.

After shopping

Sunday, November 23, 2008

A lot to be thankful for

So I am a big after Thanksgiving shopper freak. Every year I get up about 3 and go out to wait in line and fight the crazy people and crowds. This year I am bummed because I just can not get int to the mood for it. I look forward to it every year at this time and just have not brought myself to get excited. It is the one and only day that Jared knows I am going to go spend money and lots of it and he does not complain to me about how much and my Christmas shopping is done by then. For one the sales just do not seem like they are going to be as good this year from what I can see on the online ads. And for two my kids are getting older and I do not know what to get for them. They do not need anything and I am tired of spending money on things they think they want and only use for a couple of days after Christmas and then they sit and collect dust. I asked them if we could skip the gift part of Christmas this year but that did not go over so good with them. Maybe once I see the actual ad from the newspaper on Thursday I will get in the mood, we will have to see. I am however excited to celebrate Thanksgiving and give thanks for the many blessings that have been given to me and my family. I am thankful for our good health, for the our business that we have that provides for us and that we are able to make ends meet to keep our home provide for the thinks we need. I am thankful for my extended family and the time we get to spend with them and the memories we get to make with them and for the love they have for us. I am thankful for my kids and the laughs the give me everyday. Jessica was doing my hair again (thanks Jess) and I had her cut Tucker's hair and she asked him if he had any girlfriends, he said no, she said right answer and he responded with "it must be love Tucker season because alot of girls like me". Where do kids come up with these things. I am thankful for my husband and all of the help he is and the love he shows for me. He has taken over the laundry the last few weeks and it has been heaven. There are many more thanks but I think I will stop with those few. Oh wait I am thankful I only have to work one day this week. Whoohoo. I get Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday off for the holiday and took Tuesday off so I can go to a CPR class because I am trying to get into EMT school. I hope every has a good Turkey day and may you all be as blessed as we are.