Monday, December 29, 2008


I can not believe Christmas has already come and gone. Where does the time go? Since my last post we have had lots of fun. My mom wanted to start a new tradition and she decided to buy some gingerbread house molds and make gingerbread kits for each family to have one to put together. A few of us were able to get together at Jessica's to put them together and my mom was able to be there.

Later that week we had our annual visit from our favorite Santa Claus.

On December 20 we attended the annual Baker party. It was Jared's uncle Randy and aunt Patsy's turn. They did a great job as usual. We got together and had dinner. After dinner we went on a hay ride and went Christmas caroling.

We are all waiting for the ride to start.

Here we goooooo.........

(K, so I got my laptop back. I wanted to add more but I am so behind that I am just going to post this as is.)

Monday, December 15, 2008

From Christmas programs at school to Christmas parties up North!

If we get any busier I will not know what to do. Tucker had his school Christmas program on Dec. 3. The music teacher did a really good job. There were a lot of 3rd graders to teach those songs to.

Then on Friday we headed up the mountain for the annual Hatch Christmas party. Jared's mom is a Hatch.We stayed at my mom's in Heber on Friday and on Saturday we helped her assemble some of her many Christmas light decorations she puts up in her yard. While we were doing this Tatum climbed on a two step stool and it colapsed a little on her and she fell off and hit her arm on the ground. She cried for a while and Jared and I consoled her but that did not seem to help much. She said "my arm hurts". I proceeded to grab her arm and bend it back and forth and told her that it was fine it was not broken so to stop crying. We packed up and headed to Jared's moms house and then to the light parade in Holbrook.

We then headed to Jared's aunts house to have hot cocoa and donuts and exchanges gifts again.

Tatum seems to be feeling fine.

We ended our party and went back to Grandma Baker's house to sleep.Tatum woke up the next morning still complaining about her arm and saying that it pops when she moves it. Well we finally decided maybe we should take her in to have it looked at. I headed up to the Show Low ER, which might I add the staff was great. The doctor had x-rays taken and low and behold they came back showing she broke her arm just above the elbow. Woops! We are lucky I did not mess it up more by moving all around. So Tatum's arm was splinted and we head back home. On Wednesday she had a hard cast put on. She told Jared and I, "next time you should listen to me. I told you it was broken". We attended her Christmas program that Wednesday evening Dec. 10. Once again the music teacher did a great job teaching all of those 1st graders many different Christmas songs. I have not put the pictures on the computer yet for that one. Tre' is playing on yet another club baseball team so we have been spending our nights taking him to practice, Tucker to basketball practice, dance and scouts, and Tatum to girl scouts. Will we ever slow down. Probably not in the near future. Jared was just called as the Exec. Ward Sec. As for me, I am just trying to keep up.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Past due Thanksgiving Update

I am a little behind. We have been so busy that every time I sit to post, I have to get up and leave again. We had a great Thanksgiving. The kids enjoyed being able to hang out with their cousins.

Tucker, Kylie & Cordd

Chloe,Tatum & Kassie

Deak decided to test out his modeling abilities.

We also had our 2nd annual Baker brunch. My mother-in-law would like to make this a tradition so hopefully we will be able to keep it going for many years to come. Jared's entire family came out to our house and we had breakfast around 11 then Grandma Baker read a Christmas story

and then we exchanged gifts.

It is always nice for the holidays to come around because that is when we all take a break to spend some time together.