Thursday, February 25, 2010

He's growin up

I should have posted this sooner. My first born Tre' turned 13 this month. Wow how time just seems to fly. He seems more grown up everyday. He has recently started babysitting for some couples in the ward. He seems to be enjoying it. It has given him a chance to earn some money. Right now I think he is saving up to purchase an Itouch. He had an Ipod but seemed to have lost it at his dad's baseball practice. He has sprouted quite a bit this year. He now towers over me. But I remind him that I put him in this world and I can take him out. He just giggles. Tre' has such a great easy go lucky personality. It is so nice having a son that does not care about needing to look trendy. If it is cheap and it fits it works for him. We have definitely been blessed with this one. He is a great kid and for the most part does not give us a hard time except for the occasional smart elec teenager remarks. But I suppose that comes with the territory. Happy late birthday bud. Thanks for being a great kid.