Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Oh my goodness, the best vacation ever

So, I have always said that I needed a vacation away from a vacation. For the past few years our vacations have consisted of DISNEYLAND!!! in October which we love and some camping in July. Well this year we were invited by some friends to go camping. Yes you read right camping. But not jusy any kind of camping, camping on the BEACH for a whole week. Our friends made reservations in January because the camp ground fills fast. Then the count down began. It did not really start to hit us until June. We were scheduled to leave June 20 and come home June 27. Thanks to a great father-in-law he allowed us to borrow his truck because some friends offered to let us borrow their pop up trailer. We packed up Friday June 19 and headed out the next morning. We did not know what to really expect, infact we pretty much chalked it up to this probably being our only time going not really thinking we were going to enjoy it as much as our friends hyped it up for us. We arrived around 4 on Saturday and set up camp. Then just lounged. Sunday we walked along the beach and visited the pier because it being Sunday we would not let the kids get in the water. Then Monday came along and let the fun begin. We were camping at Doheny Beach which is in Dana Point, CA and drove to Laguna Beach to play in the water. The beach we were camping at was just too rocky but Laguna was a 15 min. drive from camp. The kids had so much fun Tatum did not want to leave when it was time to pack up and head back to camp. Tuesday we almost the same routine but this time we drove to Newport Beach. We saw the beautiful Newport Temple. Unfortunately we did not know there was a temple there so I missed the photo op (we were following some one else because we did not know how to get there so we could not stop). Wednesday we drove to down to San Diego to visit Sea World and of course Tatum did not want to leave there either. She asked if we could go back on Thursday but we comprimised by spending the day at Laguna Beach, we spent Friday at Laguna as well. What a relaxing and enjoyable vacation. I think Tre' became a fish because he lived in the water. Unfortunately I fried on Monday so I had to keep my self covered up the rest of the week so it would not get worse and I do not like cold water so I only completely ventured in once. Put my feet in another day and said no thanks. But I just could sit and read a book and enjoy my kids all day any day. They made new friends and blast. We had the best time it was so depressing to pack up and leave, but we are counting the days until next year. I think we are hooked and this may be something we do often. Thanks Leech's for inviting us. Until next year.