Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tatum's Day

My baby turned 8 on the 12th of April. I don't think she is a baby anymore. She was so excited because turning 8 meant that she would get baptized and get a set of scriptures. For her birthday I made cupcakes for her class and took them and spent a few hours with her at school. It was great being able to enjoy some time with her and join in on her birthday celebration at school. Her teacher does a great job making them feel special on that day. The get to sit at his desk all day, and sit in what they call the "hot seat" in front of the class so the class can sing happy birthday to them. He has a great version of a birthday song, it is very upbeat and the kids get to clap and tap on their desks to the beat as they sing. After they are done everyone in the class says what they like about the birthday person. After she got home from school we asked her what she wanted for her birthday dinner and for some odd reason she picked McDonald's. Of all the places to eat on your birthday and she picked Mickey D's. She did not get to get baptized on her birthday because our ward has the 4th Saturday of the month for baptisms at noon and how lucky we were that she was the only one in our ward getting baptized this month. On April 24th she was baptized and what a great day. We had many family members and friends attend. Grandma and Grandpa Bigler, Grandma and Grandpa Baker, Jessica, Nic, Taya and Camden, Kati, Boston and Kaitlyn, Cara, Justin, Ryken and Cy, Bo, Nicole, Chloe, Cordd, and Cashlyn, Deak, Emily and Kaed, Shane, Teresa, Austin, Cassidy, and Connor, the Harmon family, Sis. Rose and Brother Schneider were all in attendance. Her Grandma Bigler and Grandma Baker gave talks and did a fabulous job as usual. My good friend Teresa took pictures of Tatum later that day in her baptism dress. What a great support system we have. Thank you all for making Tatum's day a special one.