Monday, March 1, 2010

The Season has begun

Well spring training games offically start today. Baseball plays a big role at our house as you probably can guess by the background change. Jared began his 4th year coaching Queen Creek High School's JV baseball team. Tre' and Tucker were signed up for Little League have had tryouts and been selected for teams. Jared received a phone call the day of drafts for Tre's age group after drafts had already been completed and they did not have a coach for his team (Tre). They asked if Jared would be able to do it. We really are not sure how we are going to squeeze in two baseball teams at the same time but wanted to make sure that Tre's team had a coach so after a few phone calls and alot of contemplation Jared accepted. It is going to be crazy at our house for a few months. But if you know us well, when is it not crazy. Hopefully we will all be able to keep our sanity and still like to be around each other when all of this is done. Let's play ball!