Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Little League has started at our house. Opening day ceremonies were Saturday. I do not know how I lucked out and only had one game out of three kids that day. We started our morning by being at the field at 7:45 for Tucker's team pictures at 8:10, worked our way over to the football field for the teams parade which started at 9. We were able to go home and grab a bite to eat and then made our way back to the field at 12 for Tatum's pictures at 12:20 and a game at 1 for Tucker and Tre's team pictures at 1:40. Then off I went to try to get a little nap clinicals yeah. I spent 11 hours at the Chandler Regional Hospital from 7pm to 6am. What fun it was. I was able to witness some interesting patients, from possible OD's, pleural effusia, dimensia, NG tubes, A-Fib, a finger being taken almost completely off only hanging on buy a small piece of flesh, broken bones, sutures and some sweet families looking after their loved ones.