Wednesday, December 30, 2009


We did it. We got through another December and Christmas. I hope every one's was as eventful and productive as ours. Well sort of, someone decided that they felt like they needed our truck more than we did on Christmas Eve, eve or Christmas morning which ever but luckily they were unsuccessful. Other than that dreary event our Christmas with our ducklings turned out quite well. It was nice to have it on Friday this year and make for a long weekend with the hubby and kids. I can not seem to get myself motivated since. My body feels as if though it should be on vacation. School starts Monday for the kids so I have decided to take a break with them and jump back to work on Monday. It has been quite nice except for the occasional bickering back and forth. The New Year is approaching. Maybe I can convince them to make a new year's resolution to not tease and argue. But probably not so much. What do you thing? Yeah, I know wishful thinking. I hope your new years brings many eventful happenings your way. The Baker clan.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Bah Hum Bug

I am listening to Christmas music and changing my back ground hoping it will help me get in the holiday mood. Every year if seems to get worse. This is my favorite time of year and every year it gets to be less and less. I asked my family if we could just skip over the holidays. I think that a lot of it is, is that only two months out of the year my kids think that it is the only time to be thankful and be kind. They have been ornery this year. Jared has been playing Christmas music because there is only one scrooge in our house and that is him. Kids are older, what to you do for them for Christmas, they do not need anything. This weather does not help either. I am not a cold weather fan, but I feel as if I am going to get in the holiday spirit this year I need it. I thought about putting up my Christmas decorations earlier but can't seem to talk myself into it. It seems as this time of the year comes and goes to fast and people do not savor the moment. It is more and more about what you give as presents not what about this time stands for the birth of our Savior. What a wonderful event. Hopefully something will bite me and quick so I can enjoy the season.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

More update

The kids started school in August. They usually start in July but we decided to pull them from their public school and put them in a charter school. It is a little trek for them to school everyday. If they ride the bus which they sometimes do to school but ride everyday home from school, it is about an hour ride for them. But they have been good sports. They were not too excited at first to venture a new school and have a limited ward robe to school. But I think they warmed up to the idea after a while. There were some friends that were going to embark on this new adventure as well so they jumped in with both feet. They all have great teachers and seem to be doing well. It is a struggle every night to get Tatum to do her homework. It takes between 2 to 4 hours every night because of the constant battle. If any one has any ideas on how to get her to just "do it" it would be greatly appreciated. We tried the marble jar (she got marbles if she did it when asked once and when it was full she would get to go shopping) that did not work. She just refuses to do it. They are getting to learn Spanish at this school. Tatum thinks it is funny to ask me things and me not be able to understand what she is saying. I did take a picture the first day of school but unfortunately I am a little like the commercial where the pictures stay on the camera for ever. I will have to get it on my lap top so I can post it. More to come.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Lions and Tigers and Bears OH MY!

Well maybe not lions and tigers. I am sooo behind. It is already October and I have posted since? ? ? ? That is sad I do not know. We have had so much fun that I need to update it all. After we spent a week at the beach and then went to Heber for the Fourth of July, the kids and I drove to Las Vegas to fly to Idaho with Kelly and her kids. Kelly's family owns a cabin not too far outside of West Yellowstone and they were gracious enough to invite us to come and stay with them. The kids and I were there for 2 weeks and Jared, Curt & Coleen, Bo & Nicole and their kids, & Mickey joined us later in the week and were able to stay for just over a week. We enjoyed ourselves so much. We took many rides on the quads, floated down the river, visited Yellowstone where we saw many buffalo, deer, elk and yes a black bear. Kelly and I drove to Bozeman, MT to pick the rest of the crew up from the airport (which ended up not happening because their plane made an emergency landing in Idaho Falls, ID) but I enjoyed the drive. What beautiful country. We visited waterfalls, parts of Montana. We saw a comedy play. Jared fished from the river and we were able to enjoy the fish that he caught. What a way to spend the summer. Thanks to Mickey and Kelly and their family for their hospitality and the opportunity to visit such a beautiful place.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Bitter Sweet

After our great vacation at the beach we had to brave the real world for a few days, then off to Heber. We left on Friday afternoon, traffic was not too bad. We fixed and ate dinner with my folks, Jess and Nic, Kati and Boston. We then enjoyed a game of Texas Hold'em. We used m & m's. I think Boston ate them faster than he lost them in the game. He said he did not want them all to be lost in the game and not get any to eat. Sometimes I wonder who is the kid when he is around. On Saturday we went to the annual Bowers flag raising ceremony and breakfast. The Bowers is my mom's side and we celebrate our freedom, my grandfather's birth because he was born on the 4th of July, and the service he gave to his country. We then headed back to my mom's and later to the Heber parade. I do not think I have seen more people at our boring little parade. We headed back to my mom's and had lunch and just hung out until it was time to head back over to the Bower reunion. Jared and I and the kids along with my dad and a few others headed over to my uncle's where we eat dinner and my mom and Ginger stayed back waiting on some brownies to get done. While we were waiting I received a phone call from my mom. My beloved dog Jasmine who has been with us since 3 months after Jared and I got married and who I has been through a little, she has had a few litters, a mother not only to her puppies but to my babies, lost her hearing, her teeth, and an eye, a great friend and dog had passed. What a bitter sweet time. We knew she was getting close, she was having a hard time getting around. We will miss her dearly. We went back to my moms and prepared her for our kids to see then went back for dinner and fireworks. We then came back and had a sweet buriel for her at the base of the mountain at my mom and dads. What an appropriate place for her to go. She loved the mountains. Good bye my sweet pup.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Oh my goodness, the best vacation ever

So, I have always said that I needed a vacation away from a vacation. For the past few years our vacations have consisted of DISNEYLAND!!! in October which we love and some camping in July. Well this year we were invited by some friends to go camping. Yes you read right camping. But not jusy any kind of camping, camping on the BEACH for a whole week. Our friends made reservations in January because the camp ground fills fast. Then the count down began. It did not really start to hit us until June. We were scheduled to leave June 20 and come home June 27. Thanks to a great father-in-law he allowed us to borrow his truck because some friends offered to let us borrow their pop up trailer. We packed up Friday June 19 and headed out the next morning. We did not know what to really expect, infact we pretty much chalked it up to this probably being our only time going not really thinking we were going to enjoy it as much as our friends hyped it up for us. We arrived around 4 on Saturday and set up camp. Then just lounged. Sunday we walked along the beach and visited the pier because it being Sunday we would not let the kids get in the water. Then Monday came along and let the fun begin. We were camping at Doheny Beach which is in Dana Point, CA and drove to Laguna Beach to play in the water. The beach we were camping at was just too rocky but Laguna was a 15 min. drive from camp. The kids had so much fun Tatum did not want to leave when it was time to pack up and head back to camp. Tuesday we almost the same routine but this time we drove to Newport Beach. We saw the beautiful Newport Temple. Unfortunately we did not know there was a temple there so I missed the photo op (we were following some one else because we did not know how to get there so we could not stop). Wednesday we drove to down to San Diego to visit Sea World and of course Tatum did not want to leave there either. She asked if we could go back on Thursday but we comprimised by spending the day at Laguna Beach, we spent Friday at Laguna as well. What a relaxing and enjoyable vacation. I think Tre' became a fish because he lived in the water. Unfortunately I fried on Monday so I had to keep my self covered up the rest of the week so it would not get worse and I do not like cold water so I only completely ventured in once. Put my feet in another day and said no thanks. But I just could sit and read a book and enjoy my kids all day any day. They made new friends and blast. We had the best time it was so depressing to pack up and leave, but we are counting the days until next year. I think we are hooked and this may be something we do often. Thanks Leech's for inviting us. Until next year.

Monday, May 18, 2009

It's over!! Almost.

Well I did it. I finally finished. I have been struggling along since January and finally finished a major accomplishment. What is it you all may be asking. Well, my EMT class. I passed my practical skills tests last week and my written final this morning. It was a tough fight for me. I was so busy during these last few months I did not know if I was going to be able to wrap my head around the 1300 page book and the many emergency medical services concepts, but I did it. What a relief. Now all I have to do is pass my National Registry Exam and I will be a certified EMT. What joy I will have on that day. I will keep you all posted. To my kids and husband, thanks for all your patience and help these last few months. I could not have done it with out you guys. Tre', thanks for being my babysitter, and Tucker and Tatum thanks for being great kids while I was away. Jared, thanks for taking over dinners, homework with the kids, housework and putting the kids to bed. I do not know how I would of gotten it done with out you. Tre' and Tatum thanks for being my patients while I practiced. I love all of you rascals.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My new love

My new love. I decided to go with the new Sony a350. I hope it is everything I hoped for. I am enjoying it so far. But am still a little concerned. I know the favorites are Cannon or Nikon. So hopefully I will continue to stay happy with it. It does what I need it to do so I can not complain. Now I just need to learn how to utilize all the features on it so I can use it to its full potential. I will be taking some classes starting mid May so I hope to be learning loads. If not, at least I can take pictures of my kids. I sure did miss not having one. Going with out sure makes you greatful for what you have.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Boo Hoo

So something quite unfortunate has happened at my house. Someone so humbly decided they needed a few things more than we did. Thursday April 10 ,2009 we arrived home from one of our many ball games and amongst the caos of unloading children, school bags and baseball equipment we forgot to lock the doors on my van. The next day Friday April 11, 2009 Jared decided he was going to drive my van to work and I had the day off and a dr.'s appointment so I would take his car.
I went about my day and Jared his. Later that day Jared received a call from a good friend and baseball coach, he was short some players and wanted to know if Tre' could come play with the Jr.'s that night. We said "but of course." Later that night we headed to the ball field and sat in the afull wind. Towards the end of the game I got tired of listening to Tatum whining about being cold so I took her and Tucker to the car to get warm. Tucker had been sitting in the car most of the evening. I glanced over my shoulder and noticed that the car tv was missing on the head rest so I looked behind me to see if the other one was there, nope. I asked Tucker if he had moved them so he could watch a movie. He said no, I told him it was ok if he did and was adimit about not touching it. Then it hit me. My pride and joy (my Sony DSLR camera) was not there either. I asked Tucker to look behind the back seat to see if I left it in the very back of the van (knowing I did not but hoping that I was loosing my mind and forgot that I did). To no avail it was not there. I started rummaging for Tre's PSP and nope it was gone too. Soooo the bandit made off good. They took both dvd monitors, my beautiful camera with zoom lens and bag, and Tre's PSP. How sad I am that my lovely camera is gone. To the person that took my camera, I would be indeed grateful if it showed up one day on my door step.

Farewell my love.

I need to replace it badly. Any suggetions on what to go with?

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Daddy/Daughter Fun

Tatum has been attending girl scouts. An orginization in Queen Creek put on a Daddy-Daughter Sock Hop for all girl scout troops in that area. She was so excited to attend this function but her dad on the other hand was not quite as thrilled. Of course we had a ball game before the dance so we attended that first and then went home to get her all dolled up to go out with her dad. Once they arrived her Dad loosened up a little and ending up having a great time. Thanks babe, Tatum really enjoyed spending time with her dad. Here are a few pictures. And no it was not a sock ho. I guess you have to pay the club member price to get the entire heading to show.

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Little League has started at our house. Opening day ceremonies were Saturday. I do not know how I lucked out and only had one game out of three kids that day. We started our morning by being at the field at 7:45 for Tucker's team pictures at 8:10, worked our way over to the football field for the teams parade which started at 9. We were able to go home and grab a bite to eat and then made our way back to the field at 12 for Tatum's pictures at 12:20 and a game at 1 for Tucker and Tre's team pictures at 1:40. Then off I went to try to get a little nap clinicals yeah. I spent 11 hours at the Chandler Regional Hospital from 7pm to 6am. What fun it was. I was able to witness some interesting patients, from possible OD's, pleural effusia, dimensia, NG tubes, A-Fib, a finger being taken almost completely off only hanging on buy a small piece of flesh, broken bones, sutures and some sweet families looking after their loved ones.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Holy Cow am I Slacking......

Some would call it slacking. Some just plain crazy. Some just plain busy. Call it what ever tickles your fancy. We have been doing baseball tourney's to basketball games to going round in circles. Well that's what it feels like at times. I can not believe it has already been a month since my last post. So much has been going on in the Baker household. But as my family say's when is there not anything going on at my house. In the past month Jared and I have celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary. I can not believe it has been that long already. But then again it feels like we have been together for a lifetime. Jared took me out to dinner at a Brazilian restaurant. It was really good. It was a little pricey, but all you can eat. They give you a round stick that can stand on it's own that is painted red, yellow, and green. You start out with a salad/pasta bar and with the stick on red. Then when you are ready to eat the meat you turn it to green and the meat just keeps coming. There is 16 different types of meat that they cook and it is put on long skewers and they come to your table and slice meat off of it. You definitely need to go with a big appetite. Later this month on the 17th we celebrated Tre's 12th birthday. Yep my man is now 12. We are so proud of him. He is such a great kid and always sticks to what he believes in and never lets anyone make decisions for him. He will be ordained a deacon on Sunday. He is really excited to be able to participate in passing the sacrament and attending young men activities. We have recently started little league at our house. Can we add anymore to our schedule? If anyone has any ideas let me know. I have been going to EMT school twice a week. Let me tell you it sure has been a rough go for me. I have to figure it out or it is not going to look to good come grade time. Anyhow's hopefully I can keep up with this blog better. Time will only tell.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Catch up from last weekend to this weekend

So, we have had a busy week. Tucker is playing on the YMCA basketball team and has practice twice a week and a game on Saturday's. On Saturday the 10 it was picture day so I snuck a few pictures of him while the photographer was getting his.

His picture time was at 9:10 and game time was at 10. He is was battleing a pretty bad jammed thumb and managed to get it good during the game so I scooped him up and we headed to Tre's games. He had a double header at 9 and 11:30. His team did pretty well for playing in their first tournament together. Unfortunately they did not win. But I did grab a few pics of Tre' in action. They also had one game on Sunday at 9.

After the game on Sunday we headed to lunch with Jared's parents and brother and sister because his parents were here visiting for the weekend. While we were at dinner his aunt that was visiting from Ohio called his mom and asked if any of her kids were planning on stopping by great grandma and grandpa's because she would like to see us. So after lunch we headed over there to visit. There were a lot of leaves in the back yard and the boys decided to rake them up for the grandparents. Great Grandpa Baker has a horse that has not been ridden in a long time that I have been working with so I decided since we were there I would go out and check on her. When I walked out this is what I found.

Where is Tre'?

If you look real close you can see his hands and feet. The kids burried him in all of the leaves.

We ended our weekend at grandma and grandpa's and headed home because the work and school week was approaching. We have such busy weeks that I wanted the kids to get some sleep. We attend our basketball practices and our baseball practices, girl scouts, hip hop dance class and probably a few other things in between. Bo and Nicole were headed up north on Friday so they asked if they could take the kids. I picked Cordd and Chloe up from the baby sitter on Friday and brought them to my house and packed Tucker and Tatum because they are the only ones that were going to go. Tre' was invited to his friend Clayton's birthday party on Friday and stayed the night. While Cordd was at my house he decided he wanted to hold our snake. Go figure, he is deathly afraid of a fly, but this his how he feels about our snake.

Later that night our friends Jackie and Jeremy came out to stay with us and hang out. We have not seen them in what feels like forever. Their daughter Jada decided it would be fun to climb in the dog's kenel. I was not fast enough to get a picture of her completely in the kenel. She was all the way in and tried to close the door. We miss the little moments at our house because ours grown. But it is sure fun to borrow everyone else's little ones for a while.

On Saturday we went to some friend's house and watched the UFC fights. It was a few couples from the ward. It was great fun and we came a way with a little blackmail from everyone. We finished our weekend by attending a meeting with Tre' at church. He will be 12 next month and will become a deacon. He is growing way to fast. It was such a great feeling to be there with him and feel the spirit. He will be a great example for his friends and brother and sister. He is already a great example to his brother and sister and such a great kid. I thank my stars everyday that he has his head on straight. I pray that it will stay that way.

Friday, January 9, 2009


Well I started a post a few nights ago or maybe it was a week ago. Anywho, I have not yet finished it because I have lots of pictures to add and lots to catch upon. Well, my laptop decided to take a crap and everything I own is on it. This happened to me once before, you would have tought I would have learned to back everthing up the first time, but nope I did not. So now I have to wait for someone to fix it, if it can be fixed. If not then I have to figure out how to get all my good stuff off, ie: lots and lots of pics., tax files, Itunes music and many other valuable items. Hope a good fairy comes down and takes care of it so it is up and running soon. I will be so sad to loose my pics.