Monday, December 29, 2008


I can not believe Christmas has already come and gone. Where does the time go? Since my last post we have had lots of fun. My mom wanted to start a new tradition and she decided to buy some gingerbread house molds and make gingerbread kits for each family to have one to put together. A few of us were able to get together at Jessica's to put them together and my mom was able to be there.

Later that week we had our annual visit from our favorite Santa Claus.

On December 20 we attended the annual Baker party. It was Jared's uncle Randy and aunt Patsy's turn. They did a great job as usual. We got together and had dinner. After dinner we went on a hay ride and went Christmas caroling.

We are all waiting for the ride to start.

Here we goooooo.........

(K, so I got my laptop back. I wanted to add more but I am so behind that I am just going to post this as is.)


Aaron - Annette said...

manLooks like you guys had fun. That is a fun tradition we did that growing up and I keep wanting to start is with my kids but I always run out of time. I need to learn how to make time for the important things. I sure do love and miss you. You and your family have a special place in my heart. lol

donnabigler said...

I love the music on your slide show. I hadn't heard it before. I sure do love all of you. Doing the houses with you was one of the most enjoyable things we have done as a family. It really gave me a great opportunity to see the diversity of talents and imaginations in my family. I can't wait until next year, but I hope Dad will be able to be a part of it. You guys are the greatest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!