Monday, February 4, 2008

Family day out on the quads

We planned a day out on our quads with my siblings. My sister Jessica and her husband Nic and daughter Taya, brother Ben, sister Kati and fiance' Boston, and us. We had four quads out there and had so much fun. We had lunch and got a little dirty (we found some mud puddles and I happened to find the only cow pie). We have to get together and do this again. It was such a beautiful day out and we just relaxed enjoyed each others company and enjoyed the jetted sound from the tail pipes. Vroom, Vroooom.

Ben testing out the 300

Jessica thought she would pose for us

Tucker taking a turn

Jared out for a ride

Tatum waiting for a ride

While we were out on the quads Tre' had his first accident. He was going up a steep hill and did not quite make it and started to roll backwards and ended up flipping the quad one and a half times. He was pretty shaken up and quite bruised but it was a good thing we make him wear a helmet. Here are some pictures of what happened to his pants.

What is left of Tre' 's pants after his tumble

Tre' 's pants after his little accident


cara-justin said...

YIKES! Tre has the right to be a little shook up. I for sure would be. But I am glad that he was wearing a helmet and wasn't hurt to bad. Looks like you all had lots of fun. Another reason I wish we were closer. :)

Nic and Jessica Despain Family said...

I am glad you got these up!! PS I look hot!!