Sunday, March 9, 2008

It is a zoo at our house.

Well baseball has officially begun at our house. Jared's J.V. baseball team has played a few games already and that is going well for them. I believe they only have 1 loss and 3 wins. Baseball for the kids started on monday. Tre' is playing on the Majors this year, Tucker will be playing on the AAA team and Tatum is playing T-ball, and what would you know all of their practices are on the same days same time and different places in the Queen Creek area. They are all a couple miles a part from each other. Tatum had her first practice on Thursday and she was so much fun to watch, she really enjoyed it. I asked her if we could hang up cheer and play sports and she told me "I have not tried make-up cheer yet". She wants to be on a cheer or dance team where she can wear makeup. As for me I am just trying to keep my sanity in all of this. I will post pictures as soon as I get them. They are fun!


Nic and Jessica Despain Family said...

Hopefully I will be able to help you sometime. It sure was good seeing you guys the other night! i miss you!! LOVE YA!!

Nic and Jessica Despain Family said...

you've been TAGGED! check out my blog to see what you have to do!