Thursday, May 22, 2008

School Is Almost out :(

Well school is almost out for the summer. I am sure the kids are looking forward to it, however I am not. I am not ready to hear the "mom I am bored" line just yet. I am hoping that they will get to go spend some time up north with the grandparents. Tre' has been itching to go see them and be able to roam the mountains at Grandma & Grandpa Biglers's and the river at Grandma & Grandpa Baker's. Before they get to fill my house with noise and laughter all day for 7 weeks we are going to make a trip to the Grand Canyon. Tre' has a scout camp there and he can not stay over night if his dad does not go so needless to say Jared, Tre' and I will be spending Memorial Day weekend there trying to stay warm. We have looked at the forecast for the weekend and it is supposed to be in the mid 50's during the day and the mid to high 20's and night with a chance of snow. And if any of you know me very well you all know how much I hate be cold and am not a big fan of the wet cold snow. Tucker and Tatum will be spending the weekend with their Baker grandparents, they have cousins in town and wanted to be able to play with them. Tatum will be graduating from Kindergarten on the 28th of May and her school had a photographer come and take pictures of them in a cap and gown. They turned out so cute that of course I had to buy them. I also put her hair in buns on Sunday and the only way I could get her to let me leave them in is if I took pictures of her and took her mind off of her not "liking buns in my hair mom." They turned out cute as well so I just have to post them. I hope you all have a safe and good and warm Memorial weekend.


H said...

Wow, that grad picture will certainly be a keeper for the wedding photo montage. The Princess Leah buns are cute too, good job!

cara-justin said...

Oh my gosh how adorable is my niece! I love both of the pics. And tell Tatum that I wore my hair like that too. :) But I was alot older then her when I did it. well maybe we will see you all this weekend. If not have fun and stay warm. :) Crazy how the weather is this week.