Friday, July 11, 2008

Cool Weather and a little Family Fun

We decided to head up north for the 4th of July weekend. My family always has the Bowers reunion that weekend to honor my grandfather's birthday and celebrate our freedom. We have not been to Jared's folks house to spend a few days for a year so we decided we would spend some time there. His parents now live in Woodruff and by boys love it there. There are some boys there that are around their age so they have someone to hang out with and the town is so small that they can roam where ever. The shoot their BB guns, ride quads, three wheelers, and a small motorcycle if that is how you want to refer to it. They can swim in the river too so when we are there we don't see them much. The weather was great. We started our trek on Thursday around 10 and unfortunately the truck ran warm so we decided to take it easy because we did not want to over heat. It took us 4 hours to get to Heber when it usual takes about 2 1/2. We stopped at the bottom of the rim and took a hike to let the truck cool down a little and put my camera to use.

Tre' and Tucker decided to climb this really big tree.

Almost got it!!

We made it!!!

My Father-in-Law has 3 acres of vacant land in Woodruff that has old cars on it and it has an old bus. I decided I wanted to take pictures of the kids on the bus for fun.

On Friday the 4th we attended a town breakfast in Woodruff and they had races for the kids. Tre', Tucker, and Tatum decided they wanted to give it a go.

Later that day Tre' was riding the Smith boys mini cycle. They are the bishop's boys the same age as Tre' and Tucker. Can you say "Fat man on a little bike?"

On Saturday we headed over to my mom and dads for the family reunion (dinner and fireworks). While we were waiting for the fire works to start the Baker boys do what they like to do best. Play catch. Cordd who is my nephew decided he wanted to play as well. Well lets just say he was not sure if he wanted to wear the glove on his hand or head.

After the fireworks we threw my dad a little surprise 50th birthday party. It was fun, nothing fancy just enough to let him know we appreciate him. Boston decided to give dad his own birthday present. Take a look.

It is great to live in a country where we can enjoy our families and be silly at times.


H said...

Fun fun. We always look for you at the Heber fireworks, and then afterwards I remember that you don't have to go to the high school to see them. Anyway, they were fabulous and the weather is the best! Glad you got to see both sides of the family this trip and the old bus is fabulous :)