Sunday, July 27, 2008

Our last fun before school started

In the past Jared's extended family has had their reunion up in the McNary area and gone camping and the last few years it has been put on hold because the family is getting so big. They resumed the tradition this year and we were so glad they did. We camp at a place called Los Burros. It is one of our favorite camp grounds. The kids spent the week of July 9 through the 16th up with their grandparents before Jared and I took the journey. We met Jared's parents and the boys at the campground Wednesday night and on the way there this is what we spotted......

and this......

We like to scout for elk while we are there. We arrived at the campground and unloaded the truck and had some dinner then I headed to Heber to pick up Tatum. She had stayed with my mom for the week. Tatum and I stayed in Heber for the night then headed back to the campground. The whole family would not be arriving until Friday but Jared's uncle Randy's kids were there and we had a good time visiting with them and the kids enjoyed doing some crafts.

One of Jared's cousins boy kept wanting me to take his picture. You just can't resist a cute dirty face.

Tatum, Chloe, and Cordd were enjoying the outdoors. I just could not resist getting pictures of them.

Tatum, Chloe and Emma (Jared's counsins little girl) were collecting flowers and these were the beautiful arrangements they came up with.

Nicole decided to show us her more natural side.
On Saturday some of the boys and Nicole decided to have a wiffle ball game. Here is the excitement of that game.

It was so beautiful outdoors. Everything was green and I happened to catch a shot of this butterfly.

The campground has a an old barn that used to be available for people when they brought their horses up. I decided to utilize it a little and here are a couple of shots I took of Tatum. I could not tear the boys away from their fun long enough to get them up there.

We had so much fun, the kids did not want to come home for school. We did not want to come home either. The weather was fantastic. Needless to stay we packed up and headed home so the kids could attend school. Here they are on their first day of school.


cara-justin said...

Loved all the cool,fun pics you took. But Ryken feels left out his aunt lori didn't take his picture. :( Just kiddin. We had lots of fun. And can't wait till the party this weekend. :)

PS: Man I have some cute nephews and an adorable niece. :) They looked so good for their first day of school.

H said...

What the heck? Tasha doesn't start preschool for another week, and Kyra doesn't start until the 13th. What is going on out there in Queen Creek?!

AmyK said...

Jared Baker!!!

Stumbled across your blog. You have an adorable family!! So fun to see all the "kids" I went to school with all grown up!

Amy (Burkett)

Kumen and Nancy Adams said...

Beautiful pictures, especially the one of Nicole!! You are the mondo photographer lady now with your awesome camera!! We had fun at the campout also, even though we could only stay a day. Your kids are just handsome and glad we found your blog, come and visit ours!

donnabigler said...

These pictures are awesome. You just get better and better.