Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Bitter Sweet

After our great vacation at the beach we had to brave the real world for a few days, then off to Heber. We left on Friday afternoon, traffic was not too bad. We fixed and ate dinner with my folks, Jess and Nic, Kati and Boston. We then enjoyed a game of Texas Hold'em. We used m & m's. I think Boston ate them faster than he lost them in the game. He said he did not want them all to be lost in the game and not get any to eat. Sometimes I wonder who is the kid when he is around. On Saturday we went to the annual Bowers flag raising ceremony and breakfast. The Bowers is my mom's side and we celebrate our freedom, my grandfather's birth because he was born on the 4th of July, and the service he gave to his country. We then headed back to my mom's and later to the Heber parade. I do not think I have seen more people at our boring little parade. We headed back to my mom's and had lunch and just hung out until it was time to head back over to the Bower reunion. Jared and I and the kids along with my dad and a few others headed over to my uncle's where we eat dinner and my mom and Ginger stayed back waiting on some brownies to get done. While we were waiting I received a phone call from my mom. My beloved dog Jasmine who has been with us since 3 months after Jared and I got married and who I has been through a little, she has had a few litters, a mother not only to her puppies but to my babies, lost her hearing, her teeth, and an eye, a great friend and dog had passed. What a bitter sweet time. We knew she was getting close, she was having a hard time getting around. We will miss her dearly. We went back to my moms and prepared her for our kids to see then went back for dinner and fireworks. We then came back and had a sweet buriel for her at the base of the mountain at my mom and dads. What an appropriate place for her to go. She loved the mountains. Good bye my sweet pup.


Kumen + Nancy Adams said...

So sorry for your loss. It is like she knew where she wanted to be buried and knew just when to die. Hope you and the kids are okay...Hayden rode with his cousins over to Heber that night for the fireworks also.

H said...

Thanks for calling that a "boring little parade" because we skipped it this year. I always wonder if it's worth it or not.

This must not have been the weekend for dogs. Our dog, Harlee, died Monday afternoon on the 6th. We got her as a pup 7 years ago, and it was totally unexpected. She was the best dog Bill or I had ever had.

donnabigler said...

It was hard to say good bye to my "first grandchild". The days of Azure putting pony tails in her ears will be a sweet memory for us. Of course, my favorite memory is how she ignored me after I made her sit in time-out for going potty on the floor. How dare I break her heart so. She gave us a special puppy, too. Both Lucky and Jasmine share the mountain as their final resting place. I'm sure Azure isn't lonely with her pugs there to make her laugh.