Monday, October 19, 2009

Lions and Tigers and Bears OH MY!

Well maybe not lions and tigers. I am sooo behind. It is already October and I have posted since? ? ? ? That is sad I do not know. We have had so much fun that I need to update it all. After we spent a week at the beach and then went to Heber for the Fourth of July, the kids and I drove to Las Vegas to fly to Idaho with Kelly and her kids. Kelly's family owns a cabin not too far outside of West Yellowstone and they were gracious enough to invite us to come and stay with them. The kids and I were there for 2 weeks and Jared, Curt & Coleen, Bo & Nicole and their kids, & Mickey joined us later in the week and were able to stay for just over a week. We enjoyed ourselves so much. We took many rides on the quads, floated down the river, visited Yellowstone where we saw many buffalo, deer, elk and yes a black bear. Kelly and I drove to Bozeman, MT to pick the rest of the crew up from the airport (which ended up not happening because their plane made an emergency landing in Idaho Falls, ID) but I enjoyed the drive. What beautiful country. We visited waterfalls, parts of Montana. We saw a comedy play. Jared fished from the river and we were able to enjoy the fish that he caught. What a way to spend the summer. Thanks to Mickey and Kelly and their family for their hospitality and the opportunity to visit such a beautiful place.