Thursday, April 14, 2011

Holy Shmoly

It has been way to long since I have sat down and told you of the going ons at our house. We have been to the beach and back since my last post. The kids and I took a road trip to Idaho and Utah. Tre' started school at Newell Barney Junior High. He has really enjoyed being there and being a part of their sports program. He played on the 8th grade basketball team, 8th grade baseball team and is currently playing volleyball. He has made many new friends. Tucker and Tatum started school this year at Benjamin Franklin Charter school. It has been challenging for them but good. They aslo have made many friends. Tatum loves her teacher and Tucker has had two teachers this year. His first teacher is now on maternity leave because she had a baby. A funny thing, when Tucker found out who his teacher was going to be (her name is Mrs. Curtin) he said "I am going to have a curtin for a teacher, interesting"). He definitely is our comedian. He now has Mr. Baker and all of the kids asked the teacher if they were related to Tucker whom he had not yet met. He told them not that he knew of but he must be a cool kid if his last name was Baker. The school really has tested them. Tatum has struggled but has come so far as well. As for Jared and I, well if any one sees him tell him I said hello. We have been extremly busy, working, coaching, and church callings. I am currently working at Cardon Childrens hospital which I have enjoyed. I have really loved learning and being around the kids. What an eye opener it has been. My position is temporary and I am hoping I can get on full time. Only a few more weeks left of school for the kids. Then they will be home telling me they are bored. Our summer is a little busy for some of us. Our stake is doing a pioneer trek this year. They asked Jared and I to be a Ma and Pa. Tre is old enought to go as well. I am excited and aprehensive at the same time. I have been on one before and what a great experience it was. I hope that it can be the same. I was a big sister last time so not as much responsibilty as being a Ma. We also have our trip to the beach planned. woo hoo. It is a good thing because I need a little R & R.