Monday, April 25, 2011

I Survived

Well I did it. I survived the winter months on the 6th floor at the children's hospital called Cardon Children's. My position was a temporary one. The floor is still currently open because the census is still up. We are short on staff because the travel nurses have left to explore other opportunities and others have been hired somewhere within banner as a full time employee. As for myself I am still plugging along on the 6th floor, applying for any pediatric aid position that comes available and interviewing away with the hopes that I am able to get on full time. The benefits would be fabulous to have, the pay is decent, the hours I can handle (7p - 7a). It still allows me to be apart of my kids extracurricular activities and help out at the insurance office and dabble in real estate here and there. And alas I finally got the call or should I say email (I know what a odd way to go about it) offering me a full time position. I will be staying on in the pediatric unit after all. Working with the kids has been at times a highlight and at others brought a little sadness. There are many sicknesses and sorrows in this world that cause people to do things you would never imagine. But thankfully there are more joys with this position than sorrows. So I live to work another day with these delightful children and teens. I hope that it continues to be a learning experience and a place that I enjoy spending my time.


cara-justin said...

YAY!! That is SO exciting! Congrats on getting on full time there. I am sure you rock at that job! Glad it worked out for you. :)

Boston, Kati and Katelyn said...

YIPEEE! Congrats Sis!

H said...

I was feeling bad that I hadn't looked you up in a while... I still do because this comment is a year after the post was put up, but not so much because you haven't posted since :o

I think of you guys every July 4th and every trip up north. I hope all is well and that things are working out still in your career. I remember you talking about doing ped's a LONG time ago, before you even started school for it. (ugh, we're old!)