Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Season has Begun

Sat. March 29 at 9:30 a.m. the games began. We will know be spending a lot of time at the ballfields watching games and not just practices. Tatum had her first t-ball game. She was so excited. All morning while I was getting her hair fixed and her uniform on she insisted that we were taking too long and she probably missed everything because she could not wait to go, then we could not get her to take her uniform off until it was bedtime. It is always fun to watch the young ones playing t-ball. Ben, Jessica and Taya showed up a little after 10 so that they could take in some t-ball as well. We all then came home to my house, had lunch and waited for the time to leave for Tre' and Tucker's game. Tre' played at 3:45 and they lost 5-2. The team had a few errors but all in all they played well for their first game. We faced a tough pitcher. Tucker's game started at 5:30. His game is a little more difficult to watch. His age group is the in between coach pitch and actually being able to hit off kids pitching too you. At first there were several strike outs until the kids figured out that if they just stood there they would get a walk because the kids just do not pitch strikes well enough yet. As the season progresses hopefully they will figure it out. We have many more games to attend. If anyone would like to join us and cheer the kids on let us know and we will let you know when the upcoming games are.


Anthon&JenniferEllsworth said...

Hey! It's SO crazy that you commented on my blog! I saw you name on Cara's blog this morning and I was told myself to make some time to look at it today! Great minds think alike!
I can't wait until my kids can start playing ball and stuff like that!
Well, I would love to do Tatum's hair :o) I can't believe how grown up all of your children are!! I still picture Tre being like 2 years old!
Well, I'm glad you are all doing well! Drop by my blog anytime! It was good to hear from you again!

Nic and Jessica Despain Family said...

Hey I had fun at the games!! Thanks for the invite! Also email me the zoo pictures! PLEASE!! LOVE YOU!! Oh and next year Kelli and Steve want to do a trip to San Diego and Nic and I said that we should check with you about what kind of deals that travel agency thing you do, has!! Let me know!!